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From online nanny recruiting sites to traditional nanny placement agencies, there are many ways parents can find a nanny. Many parents are able to find nannies through word-of-mouth recommendations, by posting nanny wanted ads, and even as a result of mentioning that they need a nanny to those in their social media network.

Regardless of how you find nanny candidates, it’s up to you to properly screen them so that you can make an informed and educated hiring decision and choose the best nanny for your family.

10 Advantages to Finding a Nanny Online

For busy parents who are willing to do their homework, finding a nanny online can be a viable option. With online nanny recruiting sites, parents are able to handpick nannies they’re interesting in learning more about, utilize background checking tools to screen potential nannies, and refer to resources that provide sample interview questions, work agreement templates and more. Since parents are in charge of their own nanny search, they can conduct it from wherever they want, whenever they wish.

In addition to these advantages, online recruiting sites offer parents:

  1. Substantial savings. Online recruiting sites charge a fraction of the cost of traditional agencies. Some sites are even free. Since it’s a do it yourself model, online recruiting sites don’t pass additional fees onto users.
  2. Access to candidates from any location in the States. Because there is global access for parents and nannies, parents aren’t restricted to choosing a nanny from a pool of candidates who live in their backyard.
  3. The ability to provide information to nannies. With online sites, both nannies and parents are clients. Just as parents can review the profiles of potential nannies, nannies can do the same for potential employers.
  4. Direct access to nannies. Parents seeking a nanny with specific qualifications and experience can search for candidates who possess them. With online searching, you aren’t restricted by a gatekeeper who conducts a search on your behalf.
  5. A larger pool of candidates. With online sites, parents have access to a much larger pool of applicants. There are a plethora of nanny candidate profiles to explore, and your search can be as narrow or as wide as you wish.
  6. Convenience. With traditional agencies, parents have to be concerned about their hours of operation. This is not the case with online recruiting sites. Online agencies operate 24/7, allowing them to accommodate every parent’s schedule.
  7. Control over their search. With online sites, parents set their minimal search criteria, develop their own work agreements, and determine which candidate is best for their family.
  8. Important resources. Reputable online sites provide all kinds of resources to coach parents through screening and hiring a nanny. Sample interview questions, work agreement templates, tax information and other important documents can be located on most nanny recruiting sites.
  9. Free trials. With online agencies, parents don’t have to commit to using them until they find a caregiver whom they like. Most reputable sites offer trial memberships that allow parents to peruse nanny profiles at no cost. If there’s a caregiver you wish to contact, you can upgrade to a paying membership at that time.
  10. Access to candidates anytime, anywhere. With online sites, parents can conduct their search wherever they wish; you can conduct your nanny search from the carpool pickup line or in bed before you turn out the lights.

For some parents, searching online to find the right nanny for their family makes sense. For those parents who do opt to take their nanny search online, they must commit to conducting interviews, running background checks, and gathering as much information about a nanny candidate as possible so that they can make an educated and informed hiring decision.

10 Advantages to Finding a Nanny Through a Nanny Placement Agency

While there are certainly many advantages to using the Internet to find a nanny, for families who wish to have personal assistance from a dedicated placement agent, using a traditional nanny placement agency may be their best option. Nanny placement agencies help parents determine their care needs and then identify the type of provider they require. They also prescreen candidates and ensure that only those candidates who are qualified for the position the family is offering are presented to the parents for consideration.

In addition to these advantages, traditional nanny placement agencies offer parents:

  1. Quick access to qualified nannies. Reputable agencies prescreen nannies and only present viable candidates to parents, saving them time from weeding through hundreds of applicants – many of whom won’t be qualified for the job.
  2. Pre-employment screening services. Agencies do the legwork for the parents. Agents prescreen caregivers before parents even view their profiles, and then once parents find a candidate they wish to hire, they conduct even more in-depth screening.
  3. Legal hiring advice. Reputable agencies provide parents with the information and resources they need to establish themselves as legal employers and to ensure they adhere to household labor and tax laws.
  4. Reference notes. Agencies provide parents with an overview of information gleaned from references. Since placement agents are experienced reference checkers, they’re typically able to gain insightful information.
  5. Recommended caregivers. Placement agents carefully consider the specific job parents are offering and recommend caregivers they believe are best suited for the position.
  6. Matchmaking. Placement agents take the family’s care needs, childcare budget, personalities and parenting styles into consideration before recommending qualified caregivers who are a suitable match for the family and the job.
  7. An easy out. Rather than having to break the news to a potential nanny that they are not interested in hiring her, most placement agents will gladly take on that task.
  8. A middle man. When it comes to negotiating pay, duties and responsibilities, parents can turn to their placement agent to help devise a mutually agreeable work arrangement.
  9. Support. Since parents are paying several thousand dollars towards placement services, ongoing support is typically offered. Parents can reach out to their agent when questions or concerns arise with the confidence that they will receive personalized and customized advice.
  10. A guarantee. Reputable agencies offer parents a placement guarantee. If the nanny doesn’t work out in a specified number of days, the agency will help the family find a replacement at no additional cost.

Using an online agency can be convenient and cost effective, but if you are a parent who values personalized service, a traditional agency may be a better nanny finding option. Regardless of how parents find nanny candidates, the ultimate screening and hiring responsibility is theirs alone. Even if an agency does the legwork, parents should still contact references, interview candidates, and review the results of any background checks conducted on potential hires.

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