10 Disadvantages to Hiring a First-Time Nanny

Times are tough and life is expensive. This is the world we live in today, and circumstances aren’t likely to change any time soon. When you go to the grocery store you aren’t looking to see how high of a price you can pay for your food. Instead, you are looking for quality goods at the lowest price possible. The same thing applies to hiring a nanny. A family needs to shop carefully before choosing the person who will join their household and care for their children. It can be tempting to hire a first-time nanny, since they command less salary than does a more experienced person, but that may not be the best way to “shop” for a care-giver. There are some disadvantages to hiring a first-time nanny, and these may serve to outweigh the differences in price. The following points must be considered when you are making your decisions.

  1. Inexperience – Your first-time nanny will be learning on-the-fly, which may not be the ideal situation.
  2. Money – Although you may pay a new nanny less than one with more experience, there are good reasons why seasoned care-givers make more money.
  3. Social Distractions – Younger and less experienced nannies may be more prone to distractions than might a more experienced nanny.
  4. Multiple Children – It is easy to become flustered when you have to take care of more than one child, but handling these situations are things that can be learned with time.
  5. Learn on your dime – You will be the one paying for a nanny who is undoubtedly going to make some “rookie” mistakes. Some of these gaffes may end up costing you more than if you had just opted for a higher-priced and more experienced person.
  6. Driving – If your nanny is young she may or may not have a lot of driving time under her belt. She will be chauffeuring your kids, and insurance statistics indicate that young drivers have many more accidents than older ones. Often, it is the family, which pays the insurance for the nanny’s vehicle, and will pay those higher rates.
  7. Tricks of the Trade – Some things can only be learned through experience and over a long period of time. A newbie nanny will not have the benefits of that kind of learning.
  8. Fooled by Kids – Kids were born to push the boundaries, and a rookie nanny is more likely to be fooled by kids and have the wool pulled over her eyes.
  9. Excitable – A younger nanny will tend to be more emotional than someone more mature, and this can lead to problems when leading and teaching children.
  10. Old Enough? – Though your nanny may be of legal age, sometimes people don’t afford the proper respect to younger individuals, which could pose some problems for you and your nanny.

A first-time nanny may work out very well for you, but don’t forget to place tangible value on experience.

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