10 iPhone Apps That Can Help Manage a Family Move

Moving is almost always a complicated, time-consuming, and all around inconvenient task. When you’re single or are a couple who doesn’t yet have children, the hassles of moving tend to be a bit less overwhelming than they are after children enter the picture. Once children are involved, however, moving a house full of an entire family’s belongings can become an almost unmanageable task. Thankfully, the mobile device in your pocket has the capability to dramatically streamline the moving process for you and your family, thanks to the power of the Apple system and the talent of the developers that stock the App Store. These 10 apps can help you manage every aspect of the days leading up to your move, the big day itself and the ensuing aftermath.

  1. Real Estate by Zillow – Homes & Apartments, For Sale or Rent – Browsing through more than 100 million homes in the United States, including homes, condos and apartments that are for sale or for rent, is easy with the free Zillow app. This app is especially useful for families who are planning long-distance moves, where much of your dwelling search must be conducted online, rather than in person. With Zillow, you can create a shortlist of properties you’re interested in and view them all in one or two days.
  2. Move Planner – Before you load the first box into a moving van, use this $1.99 app to comprehensively plan and plot out your moving strategy. With over 100 pre-populated task lists, Move Planner can help ensure that you never forget to complete another item on your moving to-do list.
  3. Mark on Call – Shuffling your furniture around each room and trying to navigate around boxes and cartons can be a pain in the neck and in the back. With this $1.99 app, you can virtually re-arrange each room until you find a configuration that suits your personal taste, saving time and effort in the long run.
  4. Moving List – Add your own items, complete those on 95 pre-populated lists, edit and organize your tasks by the date they need to be completed, and take advantage of the Packing Decider bonus feature with this $2.99 app, which greatly simplifies and streamlines the process of relocating.
  5. Moving Van – Know exactly what’s in each box and where it should be placed as it comes off the van with this $1.99 app, which is designed for use as each carton is sealed. Detail the contents with text or through photographs, and assign a name or number. When you arrive, use the database you created with Moving Van to determine which box a particular item is in or which room of the house the contents of a carton belong.
  6. State Farm MoveTools™ – Use the days leading up to your move to start planning, packing and organizing your belongings, and taking control of the moving process with this free app from State Farm insurance agency, which keeps all the information you need in one dedicated, reliable spot on the mobile device in your purse or pocket.
  7. My Move – Complete checklists, calculate the shipping weight of various items, sort through online reviews and testimonials posted by customers of leading moving companies, request a free quote from professional movers, and search for licensed ones by state with this free but exceedingly powerful app, which could very easily become your best friend during the move.
  8. Moving Day – Keeping your belongings organized and in good condition as you transport them from one home to the next can be a challenge in itself, but this free app rises beautifully to the occasion. Catalog items as they’re packed, log damage as you unpack, and even generate an insurance claim with damage reports, photos and value tracking options.
  9. Suddath’s Moving Guru – Moving estimates, checklists and glossaries are all at your fingertips with the free Moving Guru app, which creates a to-do timeline beginning 10 weeks prior to your move and follows you throughout the process. You can even use the application to send a moving announcement to specified parties in your contacts list.
  10. Urbanspoon – For the first few meals in your new home, cooking is likely to be out of the question, as all of your cooking utensils and accessories are probably still in various stages of packed and unpacked. With the free and powerful Urbanspoon app, you can quickly and easily locate restaurants in your new area, broken down by cuisine, price or neighborhood.

After you’re settled into your new neighborhood and ready to learn your way around the city at large, there are also a significant number of navigation and neighborhood suggestion apps that can help you do just that. From finding the nearest coffee shop to comparing neighborhood preschools, there’s definitely truth in the advertising campaign that suggests “there’s an app for that.”

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