10 Things Moms Dream of Doing with Their Daughters

The relationship between a mother and her daughter is a very special bond. It begins long before birth, as do the dreams of every mother or mother-to-be. Even as children themselves, it is deeply engrained within the female gender of the human species to hope and prepare for that bond. Here are 10 things that moms dream of doing with their daughters:

  1. Holding her for the first time – To finally take into her arms this tiny life that grew inside of her and that now depends upon her for life itself. Look at what you have brought into the world, Mom, and smile.
  2. Hearing her first words, and then talking together – At long last she speaks. You always knew she had so much to say, and she tried to tell you. Now she’s using words you can actually understand, and the two of you can finally sit and talk together.
  3. Dress-up and make-up – Showing your little girl how to dress up like a young lady, and then later on showing her how to apply make-up, are two very precious times between a mother and her daughter.
  4. Teaching her to cook – Being able to share the recipes that have been handed down for generations is nearly a sacred thing in many households, a rite of passage to be sure. There’s just something about the family kitchen that speaks to that continuity and closeness.
  5. Going shopping together – It’s one thing to have your daughter come along with you and to enjoy her company while you shop. However when she reaches an age where she can participate in making choices and suggestions, well, then you’ve got a companion and a daughter.
  6. Prom shopping – Speaking of decisions, here is where a mother’s daughter is essentially practicing for her wedding day. It may not seem to the casual observer that there’s all that much at stake here, but Mom knows, and she wants to make sure everything is just right.
  7. Planning her wedding – And before you know it her biggest day is at your doorstep – her wedding day. So many feelings are packed into every moment of preparation. You’re never quite ready for when it arrives, but you’ve dreamt of this day for years.
  8. Buying baby clothes – Your little girl is going to be a mom, which means it’s time go pick out some cute outfits and dress up her little baby, just like you dressed her… it was only yesterday, it seems.
  9. Planning a shower – Now is the chance to prepare a celebration of your daughter having a child of her own. What could possibly be more special than this?
  10. Playing with the grand-children – This is your answer, right here. More little ones to spoil and a chance to relive those early days of motherhood you remember so fondly. This time, though, you get to pack them off to their mother once you’re tuckered out.
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