10 Top Questions from Nannies to Potential Employers

In a nanny situation, often times the nanny is interviewing her potential employers as much as they are interviewing them. As a household employee, a nanny works very closely with her employers and usually lives with them as well. A good working relationship is very critical in the nanny profession. Here the top ten questions a potential employer can expect to be asked by a nanny applicant.

  1. Schedule? The nanny will want to know what type of work schedule she can expect. This will include the total hours per week and the hourly schedule per day. Will she have weekends off or will she be expected to work on weekends? Will there be early mornings or late night hours?
  2. Ages of children? The number of children and their ages will also be an important factor for most nannies. Some nannies prefer to care for infants, while others may prefer older children.
  3. Pay? As with every employee, a nanny is going to ask about the compensation package. In addition to the base rate per week, she may also ask about overtime pay for extra hours and holidays.
  4. First nanny? A nanny will usually want to know if she is being hired as the first nanny for a family or if the family has hired nannies in the past. This can make a difference on what the family may or may not be used to from previous nanny experiences.
  5. Living quarters? When this is a live-in nanny position, she will want to know about what the family is providing in regards to her living quarters. Will she have a private bath or share one with the family? How large is the space and what are the furnishings, may be another question that she asks.
  6. Benefits? In this day and age, benefits figure into an employee’s overall compensation package, and your nanny will want to know what benefits she is being offered with her employment. Will the family be providing health insurance, and, if so, what portion of the premium will the nanny expect to pay, and what type of coverage will she have? Will dental and eye care be covered in the plan?
  7. Priorities? A nanny will want to know what the parent’s priorities are for their children’s care. Are they looking for someone who can be physically active with their children? Is the nanny’s temperament their biggest priority?
  8. Location? The nanny may want to know more about the specific location where the family lives and what activities are available in the area that would attract her to that location.
  9. Duties? A list of general expectations may be requested by the nanny. Will she be transporting children to activities? Will there be other household duties expected of her besides care of the children? What types of cooking skills are the parents expecting?
  10. Time off? The nanny will also want to know whether vacation and holiday time will be given and whether that time off will be paid time off. She may also ask about whether the schedule will include specific days off each week or a rotational schedule.

Families who are planning to seek a nanny for their children should be prepared to give answers to these questions or discuss the possibilities to be considered for each of them. A family that has carefully thought through these items and is prepared to supply answers will find that the process moves much quicker than those who have not given adequate consideration to these questions.

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