How Parents Can Write an Effective Online Profile

Online nanny job sites are a popular way for parents to find a nanny. With hundreds or even thousands of caregivers available in a city, it’s essential to write a profile that attracts the potential candidates that best match your family’s needs. Here are some tips that will help you write an effective profile that will attract matching caregivers.

Start with your job description. Every family has different requirements and your job description will reflect your family’s unique needs. Do you need someone to only provide childcare? Are you hoping to find a nanny that wouldn’t mind cooking a simple family meal a few nights a week? Is hiring someone who can help organize your family’s busy schedule important to you? Do you need someone who can work overnight shifts when you travel for business? Is having a safe, reliable car a must for your job? Outlining the responsibilities you want your nanny to take on and the basic qualifications needed to qualify for your job in your profile will help candidates decide if they’re a good match to your needs.

Include your hourly rate range. Nannies with a wide range of pay requirements use online sites to find a job. By listing what you’re willing to pay, you’ll make sure that the nannies that apply to your job are comfortably within your range. Avoid using “competitive rate or salary” if you’re offering a rate on the lower end of the scale. Nannies often read competitive as starting at the area’s average and going up for more experience or education.

Give a glimpse into your family life. Nannies are looking for families they can connect and fit in with. Your profile is the perfect place to give candidates an idea of what your family is like. Talk about what your family enjoys doing together, what silly family traditions you enjoy, what’s important to you and what your household is like. If you’ve had a nanny before, add how she fit in with your family.

Outline a typical day for your child. Potential candidates love to hear about what the job looks like on a daily basis. Does your daughter spend hours making up and acting out magical stories? Is your son super crafty and as a result loves to spend at least an hour each morning building a new Lego creation? Is your child super energetic and on the go all day long or more laid back and more likely to enjoy spending time reading and playing quietly? Include the highlights of your child’s daily routine, what type of activities she’s involved in, and other details that offer insight into what a day with your child will be like.

Share your discipline approach. Do you use a time out when your child is throwing a temper tantrum? Do you like to offer lots of choices throughout the day on things like what to wear or what to have for lunch? Do you ignore sibling fighting and let your children work squabbles out themselves? Including your discipline approach in your profile helps nannies know if their style matches yours.

Describe your household and family style. Are you a person that doesn’t care about things being neat and orderly or do you follow the philosophy that ‘there is a place for everything and everything needs to be in its place’? Are kids welcome in every room in your house or do you have adult only areas? Is your child’s daily schedule filled with play dates, sports and other activities or is a day at home filled with open playtime more your style? Describing your family and household style in your profile will attract the kind of candidates that work best in that particular environment.

Detail what you’re looking for in a nanny. There are many factors you’ll look at before hiring your next nanny. What kind of person is she? What values does she believe are important to teach children? How does she handle different discipline challenges? Does she have the personality traits that are most important to you? What kind of education, experience or special skills does she have? Detailing what you’re looking for will help nannies know if they’re a potential match to your family.

Include any unique details about your job. Do you work from home? Does your great aunt live with you? Do you have three large dogs? Are you away on business for a week every month? Including any details about your family, your home life or the job that might be a make or break issue for a nanny is a great pre-screening trick. It will screen out many caregivers that aren’t right for your job but that might otherwise apply.

Online nanny job sites can be the perfect option for finding your next nanny if you’re willing to do the legwork and properly screen viable candidates. A well written profile can be your most effective tool in your search and help guide you to the right nanny for your family.

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